15q Clinical Research Network

Angelman / Dup15q Clinical Trial Committee

The 15q Clinical Trial Committee was set up to assist and support research in the Angelman Syndrome/Dup15q field. It serves as a single point of contact for industry, academic, and other research partners seeking to advance 15q-focused treatments and other research (at any
stage). Whether you have a survey, a study, or a clinical trial, the 15q Clinical Trial Committee has programming and services to fit your needs.

With an increasing number of current and potential Angelman Syndrome/Dup15q studies and trials, it is critical that we protect the best interests of patients and their families while optimizing Angelman Syndrome/Dup15q participant resources. The 15q Clinical Trial Committee provides researchers with access to various Angelman Syndrome/Dup15q clinical experts who all function under a confidentiality agreement. This collaborative pipeline facilitates conversations between academic and industry partners and 15q experts to ensure research is scientifically sound, relevant, and patient-centric. Access to these experts is tailored to best fit the needs of the researcher; prospective partners have the ability to engage early on in their process so we can provide recommendations from concept through the conclusion of the trial. We find that these conversations are most successful when they occur early on.

Submitting a Request

Early synergistic discussions support the development and execution of sound scientific research through careful protocol design and development, placing prospective patients’ needs in the forefront of the discussion. For individuals or organizations developing a research project—clinical trials, research studies, and/or surveys—we recommend submitting a request by connecting with our Clinical Director, Dr. Elizabeth Jalazo.

Dr. Elizabeth Berry-Kravis

Dr. Elizabeth Jalazo
Chair Clinic Director, Angelman Syndrome Foundation